Neuw for men

“The ideas behind Neuw originally started to take form in Brussels, Belgium on a street called Nieuwlandstraat. that’s where the brand name comes from. the initial process was like starting a band or writing a novel. first you study the past masters, then you extract the best bits, revise them and make them yours.

For us, this wasn’t quick or easy. we spent years traveling, collecting and examining every detail of thousands of vintage garments that had endured the tough test of time in mines, on fields and on big city streets. every pair of jeans we make is based on this research.

But, rather than just replicating what once was, we adapt our details, patterns and fabrics to be right for now. we call this process vintage revision. to us, it’s just like punk rock. built on a foundation of ancient blues but delivered with a sense of urgency and passion for the zeitgeist. Neuw and vintage revision is about creating modern jeans based on classic culture and proud craftsmanship that we love.”

Communion loves Neuw because of their innovative way of updating vintage styles that have remained intact over decades of wear. The solid blacks, greys, and muted tones mixed with interesting textures and weaves completely compliment the way us Portlanders have to live our days here spicing up the rain and dark weather. Monochrome with a twist. We hope you love these pieces as much as we do!


These pieces were graciously modeled for Communion by Phil Chester.
Check out his rad photography here!

Mariella Pilato

Mariella Pilato is an artist who creates jewelry with precious metals, semi precious and precious stones. Mariella’s creative work tells the story of her cultural heritage, reflecting good taste and innovation while her vision recalls traditions with a sensitive trend toward a joyful fashion & modernity….

 _DSC1064 _DSC1061_DSC1077 - Version 2

_DSC1054 _DSC1052

_DSC1072_DSC1082These are all one of a kind beauties!

Globe Outfit Inspiration

_DSC1065Get ready for fall with this outfit inspiration by Globe! It will be here before you know it!
Items above: Goodstock Parka, Nordic 3 pk socks, Galan beanie, Goodstock chino, Franklin Crew

Women’s fall Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday for women has just arrived at Communion! Come check out the latest fall styles: knits, sweaters, denim and more. Cheap Monday is perfect for layering, which makes it the ultimate brand to stock up on between seasons!

_DSC1076 2    _DSC1062 2
The Vain sweater and High Spray jean                                                          The Bias dress

Just Female

_DSC1057 _DSC1064_DSC1101 _DSC1083 _DSC1075If you thought it was hot outside, we have got some new styles in from Just Female that take hotness to a whole new level! Check them out!