Summertime outfit: Mandy

Check out our store manager, Mandy, and her monochromatic outfit of the day!

She paired this brand new Just Female Agnes long tee with RVCA Vertigo pants, Brixton Messer fedora, D’BLANC Psychedelic Solution sunglasses, and a couple AK Vintage necklaces. We have some of these pieces still available in the store, plus brand new Just Female items just arrived! Come get your lightweight summer pieces here, and fast – they’ll be gone soon!


Now presenting Chris Knott for Communion

Chances are if you like good beer or ride a bike, you’ve seen this guy around. His name is Chris Knott and he is a good friend of ours here at Communion. We were quite pleased when he agreed to let us do a profile on him. He’s so much fun to be around, and his dashing good looks made him a perfect model for our clothing. We followed him to his two places of employment, the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, and Amnesia. We shot some photos, ate some snacks, drank some beer, and had some laughs. We discussed everything from work to style to celebrity crushes. Here are some highlights from our day!

M: What are you most confidant wearing?

C: Things that fit! Growing up clothes were always big and baggy. Now the trends are slimmer and they fit me better.

M: What is one item of clothing that you can’t live without?

C: The waterproof jacket you gave me!

M: How many jackets does a man need in his closet?

C: Five. One waterproof, one for dressy occasions, a really warm one, and two spring jackets.

M: Do you have any clothing that you hang onto for sentimental reasons?

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Introducing Tor and Sophie for Communion

It was one of the first warm days in a streak of cool rainy ones. People walked in the streets wearing shorts and sundresses allowing summer to kiss their winter skin. The air was filled with the sweet smell of ice cream and you could hear the smiles in people’s voices. Our store called Communion, was filled with sunlight and on our racks hung colorful clothing in soft summer fabrics. On this particular afternoon, in walked a couple as lovely as the day.

They looked fantastic in the clothing they tried on, so we propositioned them for a photograph or two. They accepted and agreed to let us spend an entire afternoon taking as many as we desired. A lovely afternoon it proved to be. We found out quite quickly that this couple were much more than pretty faces, but also very warm, talented, and inspiring. Let us introduce you to Tor and Sophie.

We agreed to meet them at their studio. Sophie greeted us with curlers in her hair and a wide grin. After a kiss and a hug she was off to apply her make-up. Tor showed us around with the energy of five children. It was infectious. After putting on some finishing touches, Sophie emerged looking fantastic in a Pretty Penny dress, and jewelry from Bing Bang and Upper Metal Class. We dressed Tor in some bright blue pants and a tank top from Penny Stock which matched his energy well. Sophie was an excellent hostess and soon came around with glasses of nice tequila in which to toast the day. It was past noon and so we complied and raised our glasses. The photo shoot was now under way!

The warmth of the day led us outside. Tor and Sophie grabbed us by the hands and led us around town. We found colorful walls and cobblestone streets, cool trucks and ice cream shops. They posed and kissed and made us laugh. We ran into friends and had a bite to eat. We discussed photography with Tor and nutrition with Sophie. We learned Tor has two successful businesses, one of which is photography. He shoots everything from weddings to food in restaurants, from models to bands. He does it beautifully with the ease of a seasoned professional.

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Style Profile Elias Grey For Communion

We recently had the privilege of spending an afternoon with our good friend Elias Grey and his handsome pup Louis. Eli is the owner and designer of Lemolo Bags. If you have been in Communion, chances are you have seen one of his beautiful bags in person. We dressed Eli in some of our favorite pieces from spring from Lifetime, WeSc, and Cheap Monday and shot some photos at the store and in his shop. After having fun in front of the camera, Eli sat down with us to discuss fashion, Lemolo, finding inspiration, beer, and life in Portland. Here are some of our favorite pictures and highlights from our conversation.

M- Describe your personal style.

E- Bruce Springsteen meets Steve McQueen! Ha, i wish! I don’t like to go over the top, with the exception of polka dot socks once in a while.

M- You admire Steve McQueen’s style. Why?

E- He’s the man! He’s a real man’s man. He’s a real ladies man too.

M- What are you the most comfortable and confident wearing? Describe an outfit for me.

E- A white t-shirt, a nice pair of worn in denim, and leather boots.

M- We are huge fans of your bag company, Lemolo. What inspired you to start it?

E- Well I wasn’t happy with the bags available to me as a consumer. When I started making them there were a lot of cool messenger bags, but not backpacks. I started making them for my friends and then it sort of took off. I was home schooled growing up, and was always creating, so I felt a need to continue making things.

M- What do feel separates your bags from others in the marketplace?

E- They are a good mix of heritage vintage looks with modern materials which make them functional in an urban setting. They are simply styled and clean.

M- What inspires you?

E- Inspiration strikes at weird times. Nature for sure. Being away from the city. Vast bodies of water.

M-What motivates you to buy something?

E- 70/30 function fashion. Necessity mainly, but if it’s something I really like I’ll create a reason to need it.

M- Why do you like shopping at Communion?

E- It’s open and comfortable. There is a wide range of clothes in my price range that fit my style.

M- What brings you back to a store?

E- Being able to find my size. Knowing that I can afford the clothing, and not being overwhelmed by too much merchandise.

M- Okay, let’s break it down. T-shirt or button up? E- T-shirt.

M- Tent camping or hotel? E- Tent camping.

M- Boots or oxfords? E- Boots.

M- Rain or sunshine? E- Sunshine.

M- Flannel or Hoodie? E- That’s an unfair question! Flannel. (after much debate)

M- Whiskey or beer? E- Beer.

M-Speaking of beer, you work at Apex as well which is one of my personal favorite spots for good beer. What is your favorite beer at the moment?

E- Rodenbach Grand Cru Flemish Sour.

M- Were clothes important to you as a child?

E- (smiles) Well, I did have a short modeling career.

M- Do tell!

E- I made a pair of hammer pants with an elastic waist and velcro closure. They were very bright! I modeled them at a fair.

M- Do you have a picture?

E- I Wish!

M- Did your siblings influence your style?

E- Yeah, I adapted my older brother’s biker style. I don’t mean Harley Davidson!

M- Is there a style trend that you loathe?

E- The resurgence of neon. 80′s snow jackets are something I don’t need to see on a regular basis.

M- Do you think your style is influenced by where you live?

E- Yes! You have to have a nice jacket because it’s going to rain a lot.

M- What are your feelings on footwear?

E- I like to own a few quality pairs of shoes. A nice pair of boots can make an outfit.

M- It was great talking with you Eli! Can we expect Lemolo to expand?

E- It’s already in the works!

M- We are looking forward to that!

It was a pleasure hanging with Eli! Look for his bags online and inside Communion! If you like good beer visit him at Apex.