Communion + Pendleton Fashion Show at Dig A Pony!

It was a great night!  Photographs by

Makeup by Bethany Hunter

Hair by Da:Da Salon.

Making the models pretty!


Crowd at Dig A Pony before the show!

Making Preparations.

Danner stepped in to outfit our men with good looking boots.


Chris Knott in Pendleton Portland Collection looking Dapper.

Vin looking fantastic!

Jon in a classic Pendleton denim shirt looking great!

Skyler making a grand entrance!

Wick hamming it up!

Chris leading the boys.

More from the boys.


Sarah Yurman looking hot!

The lovely Scarlet in a fantastic Pendleton cape.

Amy working the crowd.

Anna in a gorgeous Pendleton Portland Collection skirt.

Julie posing for a pretty picture.

Sarah in our favorite leggings!

All of the ladies together!

Blanket walk!

More blankets!

Audience members walking in Pendleton.

Two of our favorite audience members!

A great event at one of our favorite bars!







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