Juniper Ridge

JuniperRidge_MakersWorkshop9_1024x1024Wild fragrance colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms and tree trimmings found hiking. Unlike synthetic perfumes, our wilderness fragrances are made from real plants, so they vary from year to year and harvest to harvest, based on rainfall, temperature, and exact harvesting location.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.00.37 PMJuniperRidge_MakersWorkshop8_1024x1024Juniper Ridge makes fragrances throughout the West Coast—on dirt roads and trails, around campfires, and in their Oakland, California workshop. All to capture the quiet beauty of the Mojave Desert at sunrise, or a late-season Sierra trail head with winter right around the corner. Check out our Juniper Ridge selection on our Facebook page!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 1.58.12 PM

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen was created in 2009 to make progressive fashion more wearable, attainable and accessible. That philosophy is the backbone of the brand. The name Shades of Grey is about a balance between extremes. It reflects their goal of balancing fashion forward concepts with wearability and accessibility. It’s about finding moderation and combining both the traditional and the daring.

The Paneled Oversized T-shirt Dress

Long Sleeve Knit T-shirt / The Hem Cropped T-shirt

The Pencil Skirt

The Fleece Muscle Sweatshirt Tank / Faux Leather Sweatpant

Neuw for men

Vintage revision is Australian brand Neuw‘s specialty. They take styles of denim from the past and remake them with updated cuts or details to bring them into the present.

“The initial process was like starting a band or writing a novel. First you study the past masters, then you extract the best bits, revise them and make them yours.” -Neuw

The design and quality of Neuw denim is flawless, and each pair suits so many body types so well. Come try on the new denim styles and see which work for you.
We know they will be your new favorite pair!

The Heritage Cardigan

louraw  ray
The Lou Slim in raw selvedge / The Ray Tapered in military


A contemporary American lifestyle brand for a powerful new muse, the Creative Workforce: a hard working – hard playing, creative and career-minded guy.

10-789x1024Police Theft


Pistel Whip/Fallen Fate

_DSC1121New Slang

Check out these new items that will definitely boost your work hard, play hard attitude!

Just Female

We are drooling over these new arrivals from store favorite Just Female! Tons of buttery leather, fun patterns, and matching pieces to fawn over. Come try on your favorite!


Sea Long Knit Cardigan, Flimmer Dress


Flimmer Dress (back)

_DSC1095Biker Jacket, Kaylee Suede Top

_DSC1084Panny Antifit Pants, Runda Sweat Tee

_DSC1098Panny Antifit Pant

_DSC1084 2Tao Top & Pant



Born in California and influenced by the world,
SLVDR creates high quality, well considered designs.

The SLVDR aesthetic is deeply rooted in timeless design and attention to detail. The casual Southern California lifestyle of growing up at the beach, mountains, and empty backyard pools combined with inspiration from travels around the world mix together to form the inspiration for design. Attainable luxury summarizes the brand direction in that SLVDR provides premium materials and finishes in an obtainable product.

New arrivals available now at Communion.

The Wolf Shirt

banning blythe
The Banning Shirt / The Blythe Shirt

The Bridge Tee

The Ranger Shirt / The Basil Shirt

The Kentaro Pant

We are the Superlative Conspiracy

The new arrivals from WeSC will have you feeling toasty warm, comfortable, and stylish as hell! These flannels and shirts are the perfect layering piece for fall, and you can practically live in the Hook shearling collar denim jacket when it’s cold out. Swipe some for yourself before they’re all gone!

The Hook Jacket in raw

The Hank Shirt in mood indigo / The Hank Shirt in dark chestnut

The Brokeback Shirt in lead

The Niter Shirt in olive night / The Garrett Shirt in mood indigo

Bridge & Burn

Founded in 2009 and based in Portland, Oregon, Bridge & Burn creates apparel for people who appreciate the clean, well crafted, and functional. Taking inspiration from everyday life, their aesthetic is anchored in quiet confidence and make-it-your-own versatility. Great fits combine with remarkable, distinctly utilitarian details, culminating in clothing that’s made to be worn and a pleasure to wear.

Dawson woolen bomber jacket

Fern V-neck dress / Bird button-up

Harden quilted jacket

Depoe button-up / Umatilla button-up

Depoe button-up