Born in California and influenced by the world,
SLVDR creates high quality, well considered designs.

The SLVDR aesthetic is deeply rooted in timeless design and attention to detail. The casual Southern California lifestyle of growing up at the beach, mountains, and empty backyard pools combined with inspiration from travels around the world mix together to form the inspiration for design. Attainable luxury summarizes the brand direction in that SLVDR provides premium materials and finishes in an obtainable product.

New arrivals available now at Communion.

The Wolf Shirt

banning blythe
The Banning Shirt / The Blythe Shirt

The Bridge Tee

The Ranger Shirt / The Basil Shirt

The Kentaro Pant

We are the Superlative Conspiracy

The new arrivals from WeSC will have you feeling toasty warm, comfortable, and stylish as hell! These flannels and shirts are the perfect layering piece for fall, and you can practically live in the Hook shearling collar denim jacket when it’s cold out. Swipe some for yourself before they’re all gone!

The Hook Jacket in raw

The Hank Shirt in mood indigo / The Hank Shirt in dark chestnut

The Brokeback Shirt in lead

The Niter Shirt in olive night / The Garrett Shirt in mood indigo

Bridge & Burn

Founded in 2009 and based in Portland, Oregon, Bridge & Burn creates apparel for people who appreciate the clean, well crafted, and functional. Taking inspiration from everyday life, their aesthetic is anchored in quiet confidence and make-it-your-own versatility. Great fits combine with remarkable, distinctly utilitarian details, culminating in clothing that’s made to be worn and a pleasure to wear.

Dawson woolen bomber jacket

Fern V-neck dress / Bird button-up

Harden quilted jacket

Depoe button-up / Umatilla button-up

Depoe button-up

Gold Coast Goods

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 1.54.59 PM

We are so excited to bring our newest label, Gold Coast Goods, into the shop. Run by a  mother and daughter duo, this design company makes each piece by hand in California. The collaboration between the seamstress mother and wardrobe stylist daughter is magnetic, and brings each of these beautiful pieces to life. Communion is in love with all the textiles and patterns used by Gold Coast, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Come by and accessorize today! (Pictured with new arrivals from Stance and Coal.)

Neckerchiefs in ash railroad stripe, cayenne railroad stripe, dark indigo plaid, and cayenne ikat. Pointed bowties in ash stripe and moon dot. Straight bow tie in dark indigo plaid.

_DSC1109 _DSC1102
Pointed bow tie in cayenne ikat. Straight bow tie in light indigo plaid. Pointed neck ties in cayenne leaf, dark indigo plaid, ash railroad stripe, and light indigo plaid.

Cheap Monday

New Cheap Monday pieces have arrived into the shop! Basic silhouettes with understated details, muted tones, and dark fashion-forward styles are what Cheap Monday is all about…and we aren’t complaining!

Triple A Jacket – Black

0231892001_12_0Vain Knit – Truth Blue


             Vast Knit – Black                                    Leon Hoodie – Grey Melange


        Rough Shirt – Navy                                     Shelter Sweater – Hit Red


Issey Dress – Black


Neo Chambray -Navy

Fall Lifetime Collective

Good news! We just received Lifetime Collective men’s and women’s fall pieces! Cozy up in one of these super soft button ups, or get comfy in some patterned pants and prepare for the chilly weather heading our way. Fall will be here before you know it!

Backwell Knit in blue and grey

The Devon Dress in rust

The Chosen One buttonup in crosshatch

The Rei Pullover in heather grey

The Gemini pant in rosin green / The Fiona pant in crosshatch

Pendleton Fall Shirts

What would the Pacific Northwest be without Pendleton Woolen Mills in your closet? Come snag your future favorite layer for fall. Don’t worry ladies, these men’s shirts look killer on women, too! Four styles just arrived: each a different fit. Check ‘em out which looks best on you!

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 5.46.34 PM

(Top left clockwise – The Fitted Board Shirt in grey mix, The Fitted Trail Shirt in peat moss, The Zephyr Shirt in green/grey plaid, and the Burnside Shirt in navy plaid)

BR_JGweb_logoBellroy exists to slim your wallet. Check out these amazing wallets now available!

1_bellroy-wcsa-cocoa-texture-bellroywebsite-01.1401346817The Card Sleeve is the slimmest style in the Bellroy arsenal. It can be used as a business card holder, or even as a full-time wallet for those who have a black belt in slimming their pocket contents. The main section features a pull tab for easy storage of cards and money, while the outside pockets can be used for quick-access items.






Very Small Wallet: Hold your cards securely without breaking your silhouette (great for suits or skinny jeans). The Very Small works best for reasonably organized wallet people it requires you to fold your bills. The Very Small’s pouch design allows for flexible storage of up to 15 cards, coins as well as a handy little pouch for a SD or SIM card.

7_bellroy-wvsa-bluesteel-texture-bellroywebsite-12.1401260524Slim Sleeve Wallet: A beautiful balance of small with convenient, the Slim Sleeve Wallet is easy to underestimate. Your 2 primary cards go in quick draw, then a tab lets you get to your less frequently used cards. Most currencies easily fit with a half fold, and it’s all kept tidy in a reasonably grit tight package.


3_bellroy-wssb-bluesteel-texture-bellroywebsite-11.1401261298Note Sleeve: 1_bellroy-wnsb-black-texture-bellroywebsite-01.1401255867A wallet should fit to your lifestyle rather than force you to fit into it. Our Note Sleeve incorporates first-rate construction and a slim silhouette that enables you to alternate between work and play with ease. The Note Sleeve hits the sweet spot of functionality and efficiency, with a range of innovative features that do away with pocket bulge. It stores flat bills and coins, with easy-access slots for your daily cards and a storage area with a convenient pull tab for monthly cards.

bellroy-wnsb-slate-texture-us-bellroywebsite.1408422885Passport Sleeve: Our Passport Sleeve is a specialist style that offers protection for your passport, while adding extra features like a handy pen for custom forms and slots for the cards you need when on the move. The signature Bellroy pull-tab also provides quick access to your documents as well. Experienced travellers pack slim.

1_bellroy-wpsa-mocha-texture-bellroywebsite-01.1401255625 6_bellroy-wpsa-black-texture-bellroywebsite-09.1401255357



Travel Wallet: No more beading with nervous sweat as you shuffle through your bags, looking for your passport. The Travel Wallet enables you to keep all of your important documents in one place while fitting snuggly in your pocket. With two note sections, a tailored passport pouch, card slots and even a handy pen, the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you get a window seat on the plane.

1_bellroy-wtwa-slate-texture-bellroywebsite-03.14012650003_bellroy-wtwa-midnight-texture-bellroywebsite-05.1401264676Take Out: Full size portfolio wallet that lets you organize your daily life. Day to day, the Take Out Wallet lives in your bag. But when you feel like traveling lighter, the middle section pops out, folds in half, and fits in your jeans or small clutch…




Bridging the gap between modern and vintage, Loup is a brand that weaves classic cuts into contemporary designs. Founded and produced in New York City’s garment district, the goal is to make fashion swift and accessible worldwide.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.50.30 PMSally Dress (Also available in Black)

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 4.49.40 PMMini Workman Jacket

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